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Sep 22, 2012 3:45pm EDT
potentially biden and boats. -- 5 million votes. 14,000 in virginia. shaving off 100,000 votes could turn this election when you look at congressman john lewis and others that pay the price for us to vote, donna is right. e need to have a two prong strategy. we need to do everything we need to vote this year so where we cannot turn around like ohio and pennsylvania and michigan, we can still vote because it they could take no right to vote and stand up against jim clark and , them what excuse do we have that we cannot couple of ids and go to the poll? we cannot be that lazy that we cannot do what we have to do. as much as we are outraged, we need of a strategy that we are therefore going to be proactive and deal with it. i'm with the conservatives. i am a conservative. i am try to conserve the voting rights act. serve theng rtto con civil-rights act. the radicals that have -- that are trying to have a radical departure from what made this country great. we are trying to conserve the country. others are trying to turn the country back and we are not going back. [applause] >> will let our
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1